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Simple ways to deal with stress

Simple ways to deal with stress

Stress and anxiety due to work pressure

You had a hectic day, stressed and huge presure at work, reached home late at night, had ordered food and go to bed very late. So exhausted that you fell asleep without having a moment to think over. The worst is, next day you still feel the tiredness,  and fatigue of yesterday's gruesome series of event. Well, that's what we normally feel the next day, when we overkilled ourselves with lots of work in hand, juggling everything at a time and we are still able to hear all those bashing and demands from our bosses. Somehow manage to accomplish and live up with that. Believe me! I'm also working in the service sector and I definitely feel you about it. But I am happy and content to my personal life no matter what happen at work space stays there. There are lots of people who do not know how to handle the situation. In fact, some people do take extreme measure at their own hand because of the uncontrollable nature of burden and pressure. In my personal view, one should work where he feel very comfortable and enjoys in what he does. But in reality, it does not happen. A person getting his dream job is  one in a million. Just look around and see if that's true. Even my colleagues including me, what I wanted to become and what I am now is not what I did expect long time back. So, it's life. Shit happens all the time! What we need is to adjust ourselves according to the situation in order to allign ouselves in the most effective way in terms of mentally and physically to get the maximum happiness, satisfaction and joy in what we do. In order to achieve this, attitude is what you need to bring in. You need to have a positive attitute toward your perspective of life. Attitute to accept the facts and take things as an oppertunity to better yourself not to better others. You are the only person who can make your life happy, content, excitement, joyful and successful. I mean you can make it a better one or a worst. Nobody is responsible but you. Accept the way it is, observe it and try and find your way to what you like to do in your own terms. Only then your mind will be at peace and content. 

Here are some of the perfect measures that channel you to positive vibes and make you accepting whatever comes to you as an oppertunity to excel yourself. And in a long run it will surprise you!

Weight lifting

Indulging on regular excercise

It is recommended to do excercise at least 45 minutes 4 or 5 days a week as per researcher, but  if you can workout daily for 15 minutes that's fine too. Excercise is one of the best way to de-stress yourself. Moreover it will make you stronger and you will be confident of what you are. Meditations does also have good effects on your health, mentally as well as physically. But I would sugest you to get proper guidance to perform meditation because it needs to be done correctly otherwise you would not get much benefits. 

Best excercise for balance lifestyle

Yoga is the best option to de-stress yourselves moreover it strengthen everything in you both mentally and physically. Also it is recommended to perform yoga with instructor only. Nowaday yoga school is available easily. Just google it, nearest one will pop up for you.

Best for cardio and stamina

Another good option is jogging. If you can jog regulary it will make you more energetic and powerful besides making you youthful and desease free. Its stamina booster and good cardio too. And the most important part is eating good healthy diet. If you follow your work out regime, stick to your plan without having proper diet plan. You would not get far. Initially you may think it is having good impact on you but ultimately it will harm you more then it gives you benefits.

Balance diets

Follow good diet plan

Always have a healthy diat plan. Our body need fuel to run the system smoothly. So you need to have a general ideas of what food to eat and what to avoid.
Carbohydrates are the source of energy your body gets. So it is important that you eat a quality carb. Always eat good carb which is found in vegetables, fruits, diary product and various whole grains. You need to avoid carb  present in candy, soft drinks, suger, cookies.
Protien is a building block of cells. Consume lean meat, low fat dairy products, whole eggs and various pulses and grains. Fish is one of the best source of protien. Avoid red meat which is not good for health.
Fat is very essential for the functioning of our body. Good quality fats is found in dark chocolate, whole eggs, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil and coconut oil.

Need ample amount of time to sleep

Sleep well

You need to sleep atleast 7 to 8 hours to reset your body everyday. Our body is just a machine where it require rest when it is overused. Go to bed early and wake up early that's the mantra of being healthy. In fact we know it by experiance that if we go to bed late and to compensate we keep on sleeping till 8 in the morning does not feel like rejuvinating. It feels like hangover instead. Best time to sleep is beteen 9 to 5. Follow it and you will see how refreshing it is. You will feel like a brand new you every morning.

Be on time

Lastly, be punctual

Punctuality is what makes you decepline. It also plays a vital role in making yourself a better healthy person. Wake up early on time, go to bed ontime, eat food on time, even going to your office ontime. It will make you more confidant and energetics.
Goodluck all stay fit and stay strong


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