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Is sugar really bad for health?

Sugar, the most common food item found in the kitchen. It taste way too good that we often ignore its harmful effects. 

Its impossible to stay away from sugar. As you know, there isn't a food item which is absolute  sugar free. 

So here we are! To find out how it affects our health. If its bad for health then how so? Is there a limit to consume? If we consume in a limited amount, then how it interacts with the body? 

It's Sugar! 

Yes, sugar is something we used daily, its applications is humongous. It may be with tea, making cake, pie, buscuits, cookies, curries I mean its a huge never ending list. 

Logically, its impossible to stop using it even though its bad for health. 

Yeah! There's an alternatives 

The good news is that, you can use other  alternatives as a replacement of sugar. 

White processed sugar is the one which is harmful to use. So use brown sugar,  stevia or jaggery which is raw and unprocessed. 

Other alternatives are honey, maple syrup etc. which are lot more healthier then white sugar. 

Also have lots of fruits and vegetables. These are the best source of naturally occuring sugar. 

What is sugar actually? 

Sugar is just a carbohydrate. All the food items that we eat are breakdown into sugar (glucose, fructose and sucrose) in the digestive system and absorb by the body to get energy. 

Then why is it bad for health?

Actually its not really bad at all, our body is not able to handle if surplus amount of sugar keeps on adding to our system. 

Everything that we eat are converted into sugar, so that our body is able to absorb it to get energy. 

As long as we are getting it naturally, its good. But what happen is that, when we eat or add sugar directly into our system, our body is unable to handle it. As it is supplied to our body more than what it requires for normal functioning. 

Fortunately we have insulin to counteract that. But how long it will do? Our body is just a machine, it wears and tears too. 

Too much of it will overkill our body. 

Science behind it 

Actually sugar is required for normal function of our body. 

Glucose is the currency of energy for the body. We can't survive without it. Whatever we eat is converted into the simplest form of glucose and the cells absorb it. 

Various cells in our body use it to carry out normal functions such as cell growth, division, repair etc. 

But if there is higher amount of sugar, insulin will comes in and regulates the sugar content in the bloodstream. 

Stay away from suggary foods & beverages 

Yesh! I know, it sounds too bad to be listened. But guys if you want to stay fit, you have got to sacrifice a bit. Don't you agree? 

So, here's the list of food and beverages you need to avoid. 
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Biscuits
  • Ice-creams
  • Candies
  • Sweet pai
  • Chocolate 
  • Desert items
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Artificial juice

How to get good sugar? 

As we now know that sugar is an integral part of our well being, how should we get the good one? 

One thing is that, as long as we are getting naturally from the diet that we eat, its perfectly fine. 

These naturally occuring sugar which is known as fructose, sucrose and glucose are known to be found abundantly in fruits and vegetables. 

Eat fruits and increase your vegetable intake daily. That would do the trick. 

Diseases related to sugar

The most common disease related to sugar is hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Which is nothing but Diabetes. 

Excess sugar intake is directly linked to obesity and depression. 

High content of sugar in the bloodstream may have signs of palpitations and tiredness. 

The person may also have difficult in concentration. 

Various heart conditions are also known to occur due to high blood sugar content. 

It ages you faster and does affects on eye sights. 

How much should you consume? 

As per American Heart Association sugar intake for men is 36 grams per day, its around 9 teaspoons of it. 

And for women, its 25 grams per day same as 6 teaspoons of it. 

Its considered safe as long as you are able to keep it that way. But always rely on naturally occuring sugar as it takes more time to absorb and digest because of its fiber content. 

Added sugar found in beverages and cookies, cake, buiscuits etc are full of instant sugar which converts to calories pretty fast. Avoid these to keep check on your sugar level. 

Overall, sugar is a necessary evil. Eat smart and stay fit. 


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