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5 Health benefits of Gooseberry.

Do you know Gooseberry has tremendous health benefits?

Yes, it has huge loads of nutrients bundled with minerals and vitamins. Known to be a powerhouse of Vitamin C also known as water soluble ascorbic acid. 

It is also known as Phyllanthus Emblica or Amla and has a tremendous health benefits. 

It is found in Europe, Africa and Asia. It has a mix flavour of sour, bitter and astringent. The fruit is fibrous.

Gooseberry is rich in vitamin-C, iron and calcium. It can be consumed in various forms, be it powdered, dried, juiced or raw. Also available in the store as pickle, jam or even as candy. 

It is also used in beauty product such as hair oil, face mask, hair colour etc. Infact, it can be used in many forms and in many ways.

Here are 5 health benefits of gooseberry (Amla)

Great source of Vitamin-C

     Vitamin-C is a powerful natural antioxidant which protect you from the harmful effect of free radicals. These free radicals are known to have serious impact on health and result in many ailments. 

Gooseberry has anti-ageing property and it keeps your skin and hair healthy and strong. 

Moreover it strengthen and boost your immune system.

Used in various home remedy

For ages, gooseberry has been using to cure many ailments. 
  • If taken with honey, it can cure cough and flu. 
  • Gargle twice daily with the mixure of water and gooseberry juice get rid of mouth ulcers. 
  • Consumption of goosberry gives you glowing and clear skin. 
  • It also strengthen your hair, promote hair growth and prevent premature hair fall.

Good for heart

  • It reduces the risk of having heart disease by regulating the cholesterol level in the body. 
  • It strengthen blood vessels.
  • Amino acid and antioxidant present in gooseberry aid in the overall functioning of the heart. 
  • Its a natural blood purifier and also known to increase haemoglobin count.

Great for diabetes and asthma

  • It contains chromium which regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and make body more responsive to insulin. 
  • Gooseberry is an effective traditional remedy to prevent pancreatitis which is a cause of diabetes.
  • Pancreas produce insulin which maintain the blood sugar level in the body. Person who consume gooseberry regularly has shown healthy pancreas, thus leading to better blood sugar control. 
  • It is known to boost immune system and being antioxidant in nature it is highly recommended for consumption by the diabetic patient. 
  • Intake of its juice with honey relieve asthma and bronchitis complications too.

Helps in digestive system

Gooseberry has a high content of fibre which is good for digestive system. It cleanse digestive track by regulating bowel movement. It relieves constipation due to piles. Infact, it is a natural lexative. It can cure hyperacidity and stomach ulcers.

Gooseberry is easy to get by and it is one of the cheapest fruit out there in the market. But, people tend to ignore its benefit and normally go for apple, bananas and other fancy fruits. 

Those fruits are good and nutrituous too. But at cheaper rate if you get the same benefit, why stop using? 

Eat a gooseberry a day, it will make your day a fruitful. 


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