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About Me

Hello everyone, I am G Singh and I welcome all of you to my blog. This site is specially design to impart and share knowledge as a guide and tips of healthy happy lifestyle.

I grew up in a small town in India. Being born in 80s I had a lot of outdoor games, be it a cricket match, football or hide & seek and many more.

Blogging is part of my life. I do research a lot on any topics, learn lots of things and I normally share my views and sometime gives feedback to people who need.

I did my graduation from Punjab University. Got my degree in the year 2007. In 2008 I joined the banking service. Ever since I am following my dream world. Though nowadays banking sector is quite hectic and comber-some job, but still I am enjoying juggling all these stuff.

I tend to share whatever tips and knowledge on the way as we go ahead. Fell free to ask anything. I would be more than happy to share and give you tips on how you can manage your financial dealings if required.
Other things what I am is, I am a real enthusiast on healthy lifestyle and everything that relates to it. Be it a healthy diet, performing meditation, early morning jogging etc, . And I need to be like this more than never, due to the environmental factors such as pollution, technology driven lifestyle, urban stress, work pressure, financial management just to name few, the list goes on and on.

The reason I am creating this blog is to reach out to like minds like me to support and encourage each other.  I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and help you wherever I can. So, let's get a better life in terms of healthy, happy and financial life.

Purpose is simple, live life the way you meant to live and be a financial sound mind.
I would love to reach out to so many people in the rural places in India where knowledge of banking is almost nil. Through this site I would love to share and impart few knowledge on banking transaction and other products related to banks. 
All the best,

G Singh
Founder of 


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Simple ways to deal with stress

Simple ways to deal with stress

You had a hectic day, stressed and huge presure at work, reached home late at night, had ordered food and go to bed very late. So exhausted that you fell asleep without having a moment to think over. The worst is, next day you still feel the tiredness,  and fatigue of yesterday's gruesome series of event. Well, that's what we normally feel the next day, when we overkilled ourselves with lots of work in hand, juggling everything at a time and we are still able to hear all those bashing and demands from our bosses. Somehow manage to accomplish and live up with that. Believe me! I'm also working in the service sector and I definitely feel you about it. But I am happy and content to my personal life no matter what happen at work space stays there. There are lots of people who do not know how to handle the situation. In fact, some people do take extreme measure at their own hand because of the uncontrollable nature of burden and pressure. In my …

Oranges (Santra) and its benefits

 Oranges (Santra) and its benefits

A fruit called Orange
Orange is a citrus fruit which belong to the single genus called Citrus under the family Rutaceae. It is beleived that orange is native to China and its origin goes back to 314 BCE. Orange is usually 2 to 4 inches in diameters and contains  juicy, pulpy, sweet and aromatic fruit. Its shape is shperical to oblong depending on the varieties. The orange tree is an evergreen, flowering tree which can grow up to 9-10 meters in height. It prefers tropical and sub-tropical climates. Its a non-climacteric fruit which means it does not get ripen after its harvest. The grainy outer layer rind or peel ( Exocarp/ Flavedo) contains carotinoid which attribute to its colour and essential oils which attribute to its aroma. Just beneath the peel is a porour white spongy tissue called Mesocarp or Albedo. It contains flavonoids, D- limonine, limonine and pectin. These substances attribute to its flavour. And exocarp and mesocarp enclosed the endoca…

Sweet pulpy mango (Aam) benefits and nutrients

Sweet pulpy Mango (Aam) its benefits and nutrients.

Known to be the "King of fruits", mango is the national fruit of India. It belongs to the flowering plant of genus mengnifera. Mango is a juicy stone fruit (drupe- A kind of fruit which has outer fleshy layer skin or exocarp and inner pulpy juicy part, mesocarp surround the  endocarp or pit or stone ). Mengnifera indica commonly known as indian mango is native to India and is a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Anacardiaceae. The full grown tree may reach upto 30 metres in height and the circumference of the trunk may grow upto 3.7 metres. It grows in tropical climates. 
Brief history
Mango is native of South Asia, it is beleived to be originated from India. It's origin goes way back to 2000 BCE when native indian started cultivating. Later on it was cultivated and transferred to many parts of the world in 15th as well as 16th century. It is believed that Portuguese explorers brought and introdued mango…